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Why Use A Concierge Service In St Barths?

Why Use A Concierge Service In St Barths?

Concierge services are much sought after by individuals and companies all around the world. Indeed, they prefer to delegate some of their tasks to another service, namely a concierge. There are a multitude of reasons to hire such a personal assistance agency. We invite you to read the rest of this article. You will discover three good reasons to contact a Concierge Service in St Barths.

To Benefit from Quality Services

If you request the services of a concierge, you can benefit from quality services. First, you should know that a personal assistance company can intervene in different areas. In the case of a seasonal rental, for example, the professionals available within this company can take on certain tasks. They can often handle ad serving, customer concerns, and contract closing.

If you are the owner of a property to be rented out, do not hesitate for a moment to entrust it to a Concierge, St Barths. This will offer you quality services such as the reception of tenants and the management of the latter’s relationship during their stay. She can also take care of small repairs in the rooms of the house. In addition, the concierge service can take care of the loyalty of your various customers. This depends on the quality of its services.

Secondly, requesting the services of a concierge means benefiting from the law. In other words, you will not run any risk by entrusting yourself to such a company because there are many risks in employing people who do not benefit from any social guarantee. However, Concierge Service St Barths employees are declared and protected by law. These can be covered in the event of an accident at work.

To Keep Your Belongings in Good Condition

If you want to keep your belongings in good condition, you can also call on a concierge. Indeed, the latter will take care of the property in question. For example, if you have work to do, this company will find you a qualified workforce. In the case of a house renovation, for example, the concierge service can guarantee your safety as well as that of your material goods. To do this, it can carry out protection audits and make proposals to secure your property during your absence. It can also ensure the rental management of your property and take care of it.

To Save Time

The services of a concierge company save time. Indeed, if you have to take care of all the tasks related to a property, it is not easy to achieve them in time. This is why it is recommended that you turn to a personal assistance agency. This can, for example, take care of the following tasks:
  • Creation of advertisements
  • Management of these announcements
  • Welcoming potential customers
Therefore, concierge services are necessary if you do not have enough time to manage all your activities. Mangomangosbh is the best yacht services, villa management services, and Concierge Services in St Barths.
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Chartering a Yacht: What Are the Benefits?

Chartering a Yacht: What Are the Benefits?

Contrary to what many people think a vacation on a Charter Yacht is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences. For this, there are many reasons why renting such a boat is an excellent choice. Here are some of the reasons that will make you decide to rent a luxury boat for you and your family or friends.

Affordable Price and Several Activities on Board

You should Rent a Yacht for its lower cost than buying it. Indeed, many people think that renting a yacht is a matter of the rich and that it is very expensive. It’s absolutely false. In addition, there are yacht charter companies that offer many options, and it is worth knowing that these options are cheaper than renting an apartment or a hotel. Not to mention, you can find rental destinations all over the world at affordable prices for most budgets. And even if you choose an off-peak season, you will be surprised at the low cost of chartering a boat. 

What’s more, the activities on board a yacht are numerous. Indeed, by renting this type of boat, you can go fishing, dive, surf, kayak or water ski, read books and meditate, taste good food, and much more. The unique sensations you experience give you the opportunity to feel free and forget the stress of everyday life and work. And there’s nothing more charming than having a good snack, sitting in the boat’s cockpit, and enjoying a spectacular sunset over the sea. Or a good dinner prepared on board and enjoyed on deck, surrounded by calm and a pleasant breeze.

Comfort and Unique Experience

The yachts are comfortable, even if they don’t look like it from the outside. You should know that in recent years, this type of boat has experienced worldwide growth thanks to its spacious, comfortable, and open spaces, both inside and on deck. They have spacious and comfortable cabins with, in many cases, en-suite bathrooms, and it is important to mention that it offers greater privacy, which is appreciated. Indeed, on these boats, space, and comfort are paramount in all respects.

In this regard, the latter often have a large interior living room with a large, fully equipped kitchen. It is important to mention the large and luxurious bathroom, plenty of space to sit at a large table with seating for all the crew, and direct access to the saloon without having to go up or down the stairs. And for those who like to have fun, this type of boat also has a large entertainment and relaxation area with nets where you can lie down to sleep, read, or simply contemplate the sea. Without a doubt, one of the best options, if you are looking for comfort and fun for the whole family or with friends, is the yacht.

In addition, it can transport several people. So, if you are numerous or with friends, you can, in this case, divide the rental price to make it even cheaper. And don’t forget that sleeping on board a yacht is pleasant, and it is a unique and incredible experience. 

We are the best Yacht Broker in St Barths and offer our customers the best Villa Management Services to make their stay memorable.

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How to Choose the Boat That Best Suits You

How to Choose the Boat That Best Suits You

When Renting a Boat, it can be difficult to choose between a catamaran and a monohulls, as they come in different sizes and cabin configurations. To make the right choice, consider the pros and cons of each type of boat. After deciding, you should then evaluate the boat’s capacity by answering some questions, such as how many people will be on board, if you will have a professional skipper or other crew members, and the length of your sailing vacation. 

Optimum Onboard Capacity

It’s important to note that just because a boat has a maximum legal capacity of 12 people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 12 adults can comfortably share the space for an entire week. Optimal onboard capacity depends on several factors, and we recommend seeking advice from our charter specialists to ensure you book the right size boat for your group. For example, a 12-meter catamaran with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers can offer four cabins accommodating two people each, as well as one or two cabins in the peak for one person each.

State Cabins

A tip cabin, also called a skipper’s cabin, is a tiny sleeping area located at the front of a boat. It is separate from the rest of the living areas on board and is accessed through a deck hatch. The space is so small that it can be a challenge for some crew members to lie down comfortably, and it lacks amenities like air conditioning and toilets.

It may be difficult to find crew members willing to sleep in this space, and it is not recommended for those who are sensitive to heat or humidity. It’s important to prioritize safety at sea by ensuring crew members can access a bathroom inside the boat. While it is possible for a guest to sleep in a skipper’s cabin, it’s important to consider the limited space and lack of amenities.


When choosing a boat for a group, it’s important to consider the space needs of everyone involved. If the group is close-knit and comfortable sharing spaces, a smaller boat may work well. However, those who value privacy may want to opt for a larger boat, such as a catamaran with separate hulls for families or couples. Additionally, if hiring a professional skipper or crew, it’s important to reserve berths and toilets for their use. Once these factors have been taken into account, selecting a sailboat or catamaran and deciding on a destination are the final steps. Mangomangosbh is the best choice for Yacht Provisioning St Barths.

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The Five Steps of Applying Antifouling to Your Boat

The Five Steps of Applying Antifouling to Your Boat

The Five Steps of Applying Antifouling to Your Boat

As you will have understood, antifouling is a special and essential service that must be observed and carried out with great care. Only a specialist will be able to best apply this special paint to the hull of your vessel. To respect the order of things, the application of antifouling paint then goes through several stages.

Step 1 – Protect Yourself Physically.

Handling an antifouling paint is not trivial. The antifouling must be carried out while being equipped with protection as it contains chemical agents. Gloves, coveralls, and safety glasses are all protection to adopt to avoid the inconvenience associated with antifouling paint. 

Step 2 – Inspect the Boat to See If Already Been Painted Before

If the ship has already been painted in the past, we start by inspecting the boat. This step, as classic as it is essential, makes it possible to identify possible damaged areas on the hull and problems of adhesion. Then you have to start scraping the algae and other sea grass with a scraper to roughen the work during the inspection.

Step 3 – Preparing the Surface to Be Painted

Preparing the surface to be painted with antifouling is to be prepared and even represents 80% of the total intervention. This step allows the antifouling to hold over time and to avoid cracks, defects, and other detachments of the antifouling paint. The hull is washed under high pressure and with fresh water to remove antifouling residues, of course, complying with the legislation in force. After cleaning and drying the surface of the hull to be painted, masking tape is applied above the waterline area to delimit the area to be treated.

Step 4 – Application of a Primer and Repair of Hull Defects

A preparation primer is then applied to the part of the boat’s hull that will be submerged. This step is also the time to make some repairs if necessary. The hull may have irregularities and gel coatefects (surface protection resin). It is, therefore, necessary to repair the hull with epoxy resin, for example, to recreate a viable and smooth hull without roughness. If the hull is repaired or has no defects, a special primer adapted to the support is applied to the hull to allow the paint to hold and be durable.

Step 5 – Application of Antifouling and Drying

After the primer has dried, the mixed and homogenized antifouling paint is applied to the hull below the masking tape, which delimits the area to be painted and protected. An additional layer of antifouling is applied to the most exposed areas, such as the keel, the rudder, or even the waterline and the bases. Before immersion, the antifouling must be allowed to dry long enough so that the seawater does not directly damage the paint.

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Why Maintain Your Boat Regularly?

Why Maintain Your Boat Regularly?

The maintenance of a boat is generally perceived as an expense, yet it is better to see it as an investment. And for a good reason, it is thanks to precise maintenance that you will be able to extend the life of your boat and its equipment.

The hull, the deck, the teak, the stainless steel, the flanges, the sails, and the engine, are permanently exposed, and if they are not maintained, they risk losing their luster and their functionality! They will then have to be repaired and refurbished, and this will be more expensive than the previously defined maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your boat is therefore essential to ensure both the proper functioning of your boat and your comfort, your safety, and that of those who accompany you. Keep in mind that any negligence will lead to rapid deterioration of your boat and, therefore, more repair costs!

Maintenance to Prepare the Resale of Your Boat

If you plan to resell your boat, you have every interest in ensuring that it will be in an optimal state of maintenance. Because buyers mainly focus on the characteristics of your used boat’s overall condition, you must go through the maintenance box to sell your boat at the right price and quickly. In order not to degrade your boat, it is preferable to be able to justify regular maintenance, and the annual maintenance contract will therefore be a plus for the resale of your boat.

How to Properly Maintain Your Boat?

Even if it is possible to carry out certain boat maintenance operations yourself, certain precise interventions remain delicate and require the intervention of a nautical professional who knows perfectly well what is good for your boat!

In winter, your pleasure boat often stays at the dock

It is, therefore, dependent on the sometimes aggressive marine environment, the location of the berth, and the climatic conditions: it is, therefore, crucial to ensure the proper functioning of all the elements of your boat, even during wintering / guarding afloat.

Maintaining a boat at anchor involves checking the essential elements: the anchor, the guide, the hull, the tubes, the deck, the batteries, the engine, and the sails; nothing should be left to chance. Humidity is one of the major concerns of all boaters. It is also strongly advised to carry out a major cleaning of removable accessories, electronic equipment, and upholstery to empty the chests, cupboards, and fridge to prevent mold.

It’s important to:

  • Rinse the boat with fresh water to desalinate the boat.
  • Store all upholstery and sails in a dry place.
  • Allow air to pass through to prevent musty or musty odors.
  • Remember to check the fittings (all equipment) and the safety equipment on board the boat as prescribed by the regulations.

Mangomangosbh as we are the best Yacht Broker St Barths and offer our customers the ultimate Villa Management St Barths.


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Why Chartering A Yacht Is The Best Option For Vacation?

Why Chartering A Yacht Is The Best Option For Vacation?

Yacht charter companies know that staying aboard your luxury yacht, where the dedicated crew will pamper you at a level of comfort that exceeds all expectations, is a far more exceptional experience than staying in a motionless hotel. Below are the reasons that make a yacht vacation so much amazing.

Freedom and Flexibility

Your rental will be personalized from A to Z. The company will know your preferences and expectations in terms of activities, destinations, type of cuisine, style of boat, etc. You have understood it; your stay in a private yacht will be tailor-made. Despite the itinerary in place, you will have the freedom to change your mind once there, always following the benevolent advice of your captain and the crew you like one place, stay longer!

Everything is organized to satisfy you and will be done at your own pace. The captain and your crew will be receptive to your every impulse, whether for a spontaneous romantic picnic on a deserted beach or a last-minute party in a trendy bar. They will know exactly where you are driving, and as long as there is access to produce, if you have a craving for lobsters, your chef will be happy to oblige.

Facilities and Activities

Everyone approaches their vacation differently, and we’re here to help you find the right yacht. The choices are endless. If you want a boat equipped with a great range of water toys, from jet skis to windsurfers to a whole host of thrill-seeking gear, just ask. You need a high-speed internet connection and a desk to keep in touch with your business it’s possible. Nothing could be simpler if you want to stay in shape with a gym and revitalizing treatments. Lovers of great cinema, let us find you a yacht that will include a fine selection of films and a room reserved for this purpose. You want to take a real break.

Ask, and we will get you the yacht that will meet your expectations again, and unlike staying in a hotel, you will have exclusivity on the equipment and activities.

Excellent Service

Your crew will consist of dedicated professionals. Relax and let yourself be pampered. Your luxury charter yacht will be your floating vacation home with a much higher staff-to-guest ratio than any hotel or cruise liner. The attentive crew will be available at any time of the day and night in order to guarantee you a top-of-the-range service. Discreet, he will know how to be forgotten at the right time.

The skills of the crew go beyond hotel service. We can get you a qualified crew to give you sailing, diving, windsurfing lessons, and much more, a great opportunity to learn or improve, at your own pace, certain techniques with professional equipment.

Back from the best vacation of your life, you will be richer in knowledge, new skills, and unforgettable moments.

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All You Need To Know About Seasonal Rental and Profitability

If you plan to invest in a property for seasonal rental, you must first ask yourself an essential question: what will be the return? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the profitability of vacation rental homes and provide you with some information that will help you get the most out of your investment!

What Is A Seasonal Rental?

A seasonal rental is a property intended to be tourist accommodation for passing customers. Seasonal rentals are generally short-term and can range from a few days to a few weeks. Vacation rentals have many advantages for both owners and renters. For owners, vacation rentals can provide a steady income stream and an opportunity to meet new people from around the world. For renters, these types of rentals offer an affordable way to travel and discover new places. They also offer more privacy and space than traditional hotels, making them ideal for families or groups of friends.

What Does Profitability Mean When Talking About Vacation Rentals? 

In the context of vacation rentals, profitability refers to the amount of money an owner can expect to earn by renting out their property. The net profitability, therefore, corresponds to the rental income, from which the associated charges and costs must be subtracted (for example, maintenance, repairs, advertising, etc.) Calculating the profitability of a seasonal rental is essential to assess the advance your future income and optimize your investment as much as possible.

Tips To Make Your Vacation Rental As Profitable As Possible

Now that you know how to calculate the profitability of your property, here are some tips to improve this investment.

First, it is important to price your property correctly. If you charge too much, you will deter customers from renting it. If you charge too little, you will miss out on potential revenue. Finding a happy medium that will allow you to maximize your profits is important.

Finally, it is important to provide quality customer service. By providing an exceptional experience to your tenants, you will be able to encourage them to leave positive reviews, and these reviews can then attract future tenants.

In short, the seasonal rental can be very profitable depending on its location. To benefit from maximum profit, the owner must take into account many parameters and give himself the means in terms of time, rental management, visibility, and quality of services to optimize his rental’s attractiveness. We are the best Yacht Broker St Barths and offer our customers the ultimate Villa Management St Barths.

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How to Buy a Yacht? All Stages Explained

How to Buy a Yacht? All Stages Explained

Do you dream of buying a Yacht? We are here to guide you in all stages of this purchase. We will reveal the key steps to buy your future yacht confidently. By entrusting us with the reins of your research, you will be sure to make this project a reality.

The First Date:

The sale of yachts is a relatively secret medium that should be mastered to know how to buy a yacht without making a mistake. This is why you must call on a professional.

Before even starting the search for the boat, it is advisable to ask the right questions to determine what property you wish to acquire, like the size, type, budget, new or used, ambiance, and style of the yacht.

The general use you intend to make of it and your needs: do you plan to sail in pairs with your partner? Would you like to bring your family or friends? Are you going to use it for professional events? Would you like to go on pleasure cruises or embark on long crossings?

Will this boat be used solely for personal use, or do you intend to rent it out?

Selection by The Broker:

Once your project has been validated, it’s time to search for the rare pearl to save time. It is necessary to find the right brokers who master it perfectly as the market extends worldwide

The Visit to the Boat:

How to buy a yacht without visiting it? This third step is also essential to allow you to make your choice in peace and transparency.


Was the visit successful? The state and the services of the yacht correspond perfectly with your expectations. You can now make a price offer. 

Sea Trial:

Similarly, how to buy a Yacht without having tried it beforehand? We know that it is important, if not essential, to test the boat in real conditions to know its performance. If this test is not possible, we advise you to charter the yacht in question or to charter a similar model to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Technical Inspection:

This is an essential step before proceeding with the acquisition of your yacht. Indeed, some insurance companies may refuse to insure a boat without a complete inventory of the boat; moreover, only in-depth investigation will allow you to know the real condition of the vessel to anticipate its maintenance and any repairs to be planned.

The Purchase Itself:

Once the offer has been accepted, it’s time to follow up on the transaction. The delivery of the yacht, as well as the official documents allowing the registration, will be carried out after the receipt of the funds by the seller is an important point in the whole process.

That’s it; you fully own your ship! All you have to do is enjoy it! 

Visit the Mangomangosbh website, as we are the only commercial yacht agent company run by the ex-yacht crew in St Barths and the surrounding Caribbean islands. We offer our customers the ultimate level of services for Yachts, Villas, and their astute owners and guests.