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Why Maintain Your Boat Regularly?

Why Maintain Your Boat Regularly?

The maintenance of a boat is generally perceived as an expense, yet it is better to see it as an investment. And for a good reason, it is thanks to precise maintenance that you will be able to extend the life of your boat and its equipment.

The hull, the deck, the teak, the stainless steel, the flanges, the sails, and the engine, are permanently exposed, and if they are not maintained, they risk losing their luster and their functionality! They will then have to be repaired and refurbished, and this will be more expensive than the previously defined maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your boat is therefore essential to ensure both the proper functioning of your boat and your comfort, your safety, and that of those who accompany you. Keep in mind that any negligence will lead to rapid deterioration of your boat and, therefore, more repair costs!

Maintenance to Prepare the Resale of Your Boat

If you plan to resell your boat, you have every interest in ensuring that it will be in an optimal state of maintenance. Because buyers mainly focus on the characteristics of your used boat’s overall condition, you must go through the maintenance box to sell your boat at the right price and quickly. In order not to degrade your boat, it is preferable to be able to justify regular maintenance, and the annual maintenance contract will therefore be a plus for the resale of your boat.

How to Properly Maintain Your Boat?

Even if it is possible to carry out certain boat maintenance operations yourself, certain precise interventions remain delicate and require the intervention of a nautical professional who knows perfectly well what is good for your boat!

In winter, your pleasure boat often stays at the dock

It is, therefore, dependent on the sometimes aggressive marine environment, the location of the berth, and the climatic conditions: it is, therefore, crucial to ensure the proper functioning of all the elements of your boat, even during wintering / guarding afloat.

Maintaining a boat at anchor involves checking the essential elements: the anchor, the guide, the hull, the tubes, the deck, the batteries, the engine, and the sails; nothing should be left to chance. Humidity is one of the major concerns of all boaters. It is also strongly advised to carry out a major cleaning of removable accessories, electronic equipment, and upholstery to empty the chests, cupboards, and fridge to prevent mold.

It’s important to:

  • Rinse the boat with fresh water to desalinate the boat.
  • Store all upholstery and sails in a dry place.
  • Allow air to pass through to prevent musty or musty odors.
  • Remember to check the fittings (all equipment) and the safety equipment on board the boat as prescribed by the regulations.

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